Folders Lite

After your focus on DNC is complete, an upgrade to Folders Lite provides the most advanced document control available within the DNC software industry.  By compiling all of a job’s processing information into an “electronic file folder”, Folders Lite make a paperless manufacturing a reality.

Folders Lite take the equity that you have built in DNC Professional and seamlessly puts it into paperless job folders containing:

  • Part Programs
  • Work Instructions
  • Tool Sheets
  • Part Drawings
  • Photographs
  • Many other important aspects of each job

These folders are then easily distributed to the shop floor for manufacturing while continuing to add to the process as a collection point for actual manufacturing data.  Folders Lite works in conjunction with DNC Professional, gradually changing the way in which you distribute work to the shop floor with no sudden disruption in production.  the information you generate in Folders Lite is stored in a standard database file format reinforcing CIMNET’s open-system commitment.

After Folders Lite puts all you process information together in electronic job folders, this database driven function lets you clearly identify each folder by:

  • Part Number
  • Operation Number
  • Revision Level
  • Machine Control

This allows your operators to access all necessary process documents like NC files, drawings, tool lists, set-up instructions; all without knowing the individual file names.  This also ensures the correct revision is used every time.

FoldersLite screen



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